SR1000 ProServe — Server Room Biometric Access Control & Environmental Monitoring

Access Control - Environmental Temperature Monitoring

Security monitoring - Access Control

Server room - access control

Features and Specifications

  • GSM monitoring & alarm system setup from anywhere in the world using SMSs.
  • PT1000 temperature channel.
  • Temperature range: -80°C to + 125°C.
  • Temp Measurement accuracy: <0.1°C (-30 to +125°C); <0.3°C (-50°C to -30°C).
  • Resolution: 0.1°C.
  • Humidity Range: 0% to 100%.
  • Humidity Measurement accuracy: 3%
  • Over-temperature & humidity alarm SMSs / emails for all input channels.
  • Unauthorised access alarm SMSs / emails.
  • Flood alarm SMSs / emails
  • Supply failure alarm SMSs / emails.
  • Temperature & humidity monitoring (on demand from mobile phone) and over-temperature / humidity alarms.
  • Optional generator autostarter and monitor.
  • Various optional additional inputs available.
  • Alarm SMSs can be SMSed to 5 different mobiles.
  • On-board logging memory for up to a month of logs (depending on logging rate).
  • Programmable logging rate.
  • All SMS commands in plain English.
  • Optional RFID tag reader for access or biometric reader.
  • Optical fingerprint scanner with live finger detection.
  • 480 users or 2100-user version.
  • 2368 event transaction log (480-user.)
  • All SMS management functions are in plain English.
  • Real-time clock.
  • 2 X 10A relays (one for lock and one with optional function).
  • Airtime commands to see how much airtime available.
  • Airtime recharge command for voucher recharge from mobile phone.
  • Battery backup for 24 hours in the event of power failures.
  • Simple installation.
  • No PC required for logging.
  • Compact dimensions: 190mm X 140mm X 70mm.

The SR1000 GPRS ProServe system is a GPRS wireless controller device for monitoring and logging server room temperature, humidity, access control and various other security and monitoring functions. The unit allows Biometric, tag or keypad access control for security and continuously monitors input temperature and humidity channels. If the temperature or humidity exceeds a preset level, an SMS and / or email alert may be sent. The unit also alerts the user of power failures, unauthorised access and flooding via SMS and / or email. It takes a PT1000 sensor and accurately measures the temperatures to 0.1°C. An optional generator autostart and monitor is also available.

The SR1000 controller is simple and quick to use. It can be programmed from a mobile phone anywhere in the world. The controller command set is in plain English making it easy to remember the commands. Once the unit has been set up, no further adjustment is necessary. In the event of a supply failure, the SR1000 has battery back-up which can keep the system operating for up to 24 hours.

All data is sent to a server via GPRS and displayed graphically via the web on-demand. The system can log more than 30 days on-board without GPRS access to the internet. The temperature and humidity logging graphs for each device may be accessed from the internet via a username and password. All access control and system logs may also be obtained from the web.

Additional features are available on request.

ProTherm Temp Graph1