SmartGeyser GS1000 — GSM Geyser Controller

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  • GSM control of entire system from anywhere in the world using SMSs.
  • All SMS commands in plain English.
  • Over-ride ON/OFF command and Timer mode.
  • Automatic demand-side management control to reduce load on electricity grid.
  • Up to 10 individual timers can be programmed on a daily schedule with individual day selection.
  • Real-time clock which keeps the time in the event of a power failure.
  • Airtime commands to see how much airtime available.
  • Airtime recharge command for voucher recharge from control mobile phone.
  • 3kW geysers elements can be controlled.
  • Optional 7.2kW version.
  • Simple installation (no wiring through ceilings).
  • Optional temperature monitoring (on demand from mobile phone) and over-temperature alarms.
  • Optional temperature control to replace electromechanical thermostat (temperature setting then programmed from mobile phone).
  • Optional differential solar pump control.
  • Customizable to operate via GPRS.

The GS1000 GSM SmartGeyser controller is a GSM wireless controller device for controlling geysers or other devices eg. air-conditioners. It has timers for automatically switching the geyser on and off and a demand-side management timer override function to switch the geyser off and on again.

The GS-1000 is ideal for automatic demand-side management control to reduce the load on the electricity grid. It can help prevent power outages.

The GS-1000 is also beneficial in solar systems where the timer feature is required to switch off the top-up element in the mornings.

The unit is extremely simple to use and quick to install. The GS1000 controller can be programmed from a mobile phone anywhere in the world. The controller command set is in plain English making it very simple to remember the commands. Once the unit’s timers have been set up, no further adjustment is necessary. The unit maintains all its parameters, even in the event of a power failure due to a built-in real-time clock.


An optional feature is the temperature monitoring feature, where the temperature can be monitored by issuing a command from a mobile phone. Further, over-temperature alarms may be set to SMS the user in the event of a problem. This is especially useful in solar panel systems where a panel temperature over-temperature alarm may warn of a leak.

Another optional feature is to remove the electromechanical thermostat and use the GC1 unit to control the geysers temperature electronically. This allows the temperature to be set from a mobile phone with a single SMS.