OxyPro TC1000 — GPRS Oxygen Monitoring System

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OxyPro - GPRS wireless monitoring device


  • GSM control of entire system from anywhere in the world using SMSes.
  • All SMS commands in plain English.
  • Monitors and logs concentrator O­2 purity, O­2 pressure, Flow rate and Totalized flow.
  • Parameter resolution: 0.1%. Hardware accuracy: better than ±0.5%.
  • Web-based graphing of concentrator O­2 purity, O­2 pressure, Flow rate and Totalized flow viewable over daily, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Monitoring and alerting of air pressure, O­2 pressure and purity error signals.
  • Dual compressor control with automatic maintenance balance-cycling.
  • Monitoring and alerting of two Compressor Shutdown and Running hours with alarm reporting and service interval alerts and reporting.
  • Purity low alert (programmable thresholds 90-100%.)
  • Flow rate excess alert (programmable thresholds.)
  • Power failure alerting.
  • Alerting signals can be SMSed or emailed to 5 addresses / cellular numbers
  • Flow-rate and totalization from 1kg/hr up to 300kg/hr (various options.)
  • Generator operation logging.
  • Access door logging.
  • On-board logging memory for more than 30 days.
  • On-board battery for 24hr backup.
  • Real-time clock which keeps the time in the event of a power failure.
  • Optional remote PLC parameter control module with separate web interface.
  • Dimensions: 190mm X 140mm X 70mm.
  • Power supply voltage: 24V ± 20%; Current: Nominal 45mA; 150mA max.
  • Customizable interfaces and various language possibilities.

The TC1000 GPRS Oxygen Monitoring System is a GPRS wireless monitoring device for monitoring and logging an entire oxygen plant concentrator system. The unit continuously monitors the compressor system, all the concentrator parameters and the flow parameters and allows the user to log-on to the web and view graphs of oxygen purity, oxygen pressure, flow rates and totalized flow. Further, alarm reports and monthly reports of all parameters can be viewed. The system can log more than 30 days with its on-board non-volatile memory without access to the internet.

Alarm conditions may be set for all the parameters of both the compressor and concentrator systems and these conditions can be programmed to be emailed or SMSed to various technicians or managers. This allows full management and control from head office of the all the systems in the field. Further, warnings and alarms can save on maintenance call-outs.

The TC1000 controller can be set up from a mobile phone anywhere in the world. The controller command set is in plain English making it very simple to remember the commands. Once the unit has been set up, no further adjustment is necessary. The unit maintains all its parameters, even in the event of a power failure. It has a built-in real-time clock which keeps its time even during a power failure. Further, the TC1000 has battery back-up which can keep the system operating for up to 24 hours in the event of a power failure.

Additional features to the oxygen monitoring system include: access door monitoring, generator power monitoring and remote system shutdown.