Gmini-100 — General Purpose GSM Controller

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  • GSM control of entire system from anywhere in the world using SMSs.
  • All SMS commands in plain English.
  • Access control function with up to 50 numbers.
  • All access control programming done by SMS – no website access required.
  • Alerting signals can be SMSed to a maximum of 5 cellular numbers.
  • Programmable alert messages for active-high and / or active-low input states.
  • Can be set up as alarm system.
  • Locate function available for position-location parsed for Google maps.
  • Input supply: 8 to 30V DC.
  • 2 X inputs (trigger levels: 3V to 30V)
  • 2 X 2A relays (N/O and N/C connections)
  • Output relays have programmable output stable or pulsed states.
  • Output relays have programmable pulse times.
  • Programmable input trigger filter times.
  • Dimensions: 100mm X 65mm X 28mm.

The Gmini 100 GSM controller is a low-cost general-purpose GSM wireless device for monitoring 2 inputs and controlling 2 outputs for up to 2A loads. It is extremely simple to use and can be programmed from a mobile phone anywhere in the world. The controller command set is in plain English making it very simple to remember the commands. It can generate SMSes to a maximum of 5 mobile phones in the event of one or both of the inputs being triggered. The SMS messages are fully programmable. The relay outputs can be switched on, off or pulsed by sending the unit an SMS.

Further, the unit has an access control feature to open gates by ringing the unit without incurring costs. The unit drops the call and then opens the gate if the caller ID is in the list of valid numbers. This feature is fully programmable by SMS ie no website access is required.

The Gmini 100 can be used for many functions eg to monitor the AC power and report a power failure event via SMS; it can be connected to an alarm to send a message when the alarm goes off, or even be used as a 2 input alarm system with siren and LED.

The Gmini 100 has airtime query and airtime recharge functions built-in.

It also has a Locate function which sends an SMS to a mobile phoned parsed for Google maps. The link in the SMS only has to be clicked on to call up a Google map with the location pinned.