Gmini-W — GSM Access Controller


  • Takes wiegand keypad, proximity or biometric input.
  • 100 users or 2000-user version.
  • 2850 event transaction log.
  • SMS alert on door open or forced door.
  • All SMS management functions are in plain English.
  • Clock synchronized to the GSM network.
  • Enrollment and managent commands may be done from anywhere in the world by SMS.
  • 2 X 2A relay (for access control function.)
  • SMS alerts to a maximum of 5 mobile numbers.
  • Web-based access for report generation.
  • Logging or access control function.
  • No local PC required.
  • Ideal for holiday / rental house access.
  • Ideal for apartment blocks—can add / delete users via SMS without installer call-outs.
  • Dimensions: 100mm X 65mm X 28mm.

The Gmini-W access control system is remotely managed on the GSM network using SMS and GPRS. It takes a wiegand device eg proximity card, keypad, or biometric reader as an input. It is particularly suited to applications which require remote management eg. rental homes, apartment blocks and many others.

All enrollment and management functions are implemented using SMSes with a secure password. The functions are all in plain English. The unit may be managed from a central server using GPRS. All the transactions are downloaded automatically to a server for web-based reporting to the user. This means that no on-site management computer is required.

The unit has a full access control function and a logging function. The access control function uses relay 1 to open a door and operate the green LED, and relay 2 to operate the buzzer and red LED.

An optional logging function is available which doesn’t activate the relays, but the wiegand input is connected to an existing access control device to log the accesses to the web server.