SL1000 Smartlock V2 — Encrypted Access Code Keypad

Access Control Keypad

Time-encrypted  access control

Security Holiday homes


  • Unfixed 6-digit access code system.
  • Access code is a time encrypted code which changes for different access times.
  • Access code only valid once for one hour only.
  • Simple supplied PC application generates the access code
  • DLL available for large organizations which allow 3rd party software to be integrated
  • On-board real-time clock.
  • One 10A relay (NO and NC contacts.)
  • Available in vandal-proof stainless steel keypad or plastic.
  • Used by guard monitoring companies for independent access in alarm situations, automated bank access, cell-phone tower access, holiday homes, etc
  • Low-cost solution.

The SmartLock SL1000 time-encrypted access code keypad is a unique product which allows an unfixed access code to be used for access. This means that a different code is required for each access to a zone.

With the aid of a PC application, SmartLock Code Generator, 6-digit encrypted codes can be generated, allowing access between certain time / date periods. A unique internal ID code is utilized for each device. The Smartlock code-generator can also SMS the code to a cellular phone if the host computer is linked to the web.

A green-accept LED on the keypad is used to indicate a valid entry. An invalid entry is denoted by a red-denied LED and by a long buzzer beep tone.

The internal real-time clock can be programmed from the keypad as described below. It can also be programmed by plugging a laptop / PC into the SmartLock control box via an interface plug.